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           ***IMPORTANT NOTICE***

Can we remind all current members and Day Ticket Users that the club does not allow the use of surface baits of any form in the interest of safety involving the resident wild life.

Thank you for following the clubs ruling on the advice issued by Swindon Borough Council.


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To all Plaum's members.

Following on from last week's Plaum's Pit committee meeting, We can confirm Plaum's Pit AC. is to incorporate the members and facilities of Westleaze Waters Angling Club this entails a merger with Plaum's Pit AC. into a single club with the name of Plaum's Pit Angling Club.

The actual effective date of this merger being the 1st December 2019.

For Plaum's members, this will mean that from the above agreed date, members can also fish Wichelstowe Lakes located on Barbrook Road in the east Wichelstowe estate and Westleaze members can fish Plaum's lake in Cheney Manor. This arrangement will continue until the start of next season when member
ships to both venues will come under a single membership of Plaum's Pit AC.s and the lakes will then be under the control of Plaum's Pit AC.

Day tickets to both waters will continue to be sold separately for each venue and will reviewed for a possible extension into the next season.

Until next season, it is essential that when fishing Wichelstowe Lakes you take your Plaum's card with you and in ADVANCE of fishing you fully understand any additional rules that apply to the Lakes.

A copy of Westleaze Rules can be found on the club website at They will also be displayed on the notice board at the lakes.

As a condition of the transfer of Westleaze Water AC. resources and current funding, Plaum's Pit AC. will undertake to support the lease of the lakes ensuring that they will be kept open for a minimum period of 5 seasons after which the situation will be reviewed to ensure its financial viability.


It is considered that this merger is in the best interest of both club's and will ensure that access to lakes are maintained for the foreseeable future.


Terry Cooper


Plaum's Pit AC.